What is Accelerated Mobile Page?

Google has developed a new online publishing format which is an optimized mobile web browsing script like HTML but fast loading when Google search result links are clicked. Accelerated Mobile Page is a lightweight stripped-down version of HTML. There are strict rules for its use which you can find here. AMP is a subset HTML, and as such there are some restrictions on the tags and functionality available through HTML. It can be rendered with the same engine as with other HTML.

How to check my page is a valid AMP?

You can follow the instructs here for validation.

Accelerated Mobile Pages -  AMP
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Why AMP?

Implementing AMP - Accelerated Mobile Page into your site should make your users satisfied with reading your content on a mobile device This is clearly important.

According to Google, they do not include AMP in their ranking algorithm but it is important never the less especially if it will help to get your site to the top of a Google search page. This will be giving your users a better time reading and interacting with your web site.

AMP will make your web site more mobile-friendly and now that the Google Mobile-First Index is in place there is even more reason to take this more seriously. The ranking is now definitely geared around mobile friendly and great mobile load times and experience.

Here is a good article by Moz on Google Mobile-First Index

Restrictions and Components

One of the AMP restrictions is Javascript. AMP uses its own optimised scripts giving faster load times - AMP JS. AMP has an enormous component library that enables creating animations, dynamic content and layout components. What AMP takes away with JS, it provides a library of easy-to-implement components. You can create animations, load content dynamically modifies the layout, and more using AMP’s enormous component library.

AMP CDN - Accelerated Mobile Page Cache

The AMP Cache is another important component in the AMP library - AMP CDN. The CDN stands for content delivery network and like any cache, it will fetch content for later fast delivery. Another component worthy of note is the GDPR compliance which basically gives individuals the right to ask organizations to delete their personal data.

If you would like more information on how AMP Accelerated Mobile Page can help your web site to better performance please contact me at Eltham Web Design