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Selling your products and services on-line 24/7

Almost 90% of Australian household Internet users have bought stuff on-line in the last six months and in most cases convenience over cost rule. Australian shoppers said that the used Australian websites more often to purchase goods and services than overseas sites. You can easily take advantage of this trend with our e-commerce website package which offers you an on-line shop open 24/7 and a fraction of the cost of a retail store.

WordPress CMSE-Commerce Design

We provide an easy and intuitive on-line method of selling your products and services 24/7. After some consultation with you and meetings we are able to put together some attractive design concepts and ideas for your shop layout. When you are making efforts to attract visitors to your website, it’s really important to keep them browsing, to help them find what they are looking for, not left them struggling, staring at a page attempting to figure out what to do. We consider your target audience, branding and colour theory all of which help in building an excellent user experience to show off your products and services in the best possible light.

Easy to Navigate

Websites that are easy to navigate and generate a pleasant user experience are more likely to encourage business and customer interest. We devote time and energy to the usability of the website so your products and service information are displayed in a clear and concise manner. It is really very simple, if visitors to your website enjoy being there, they will find it easy to achieve their visit your website in the first place, meaning, there is no confusion or frustration in looking for this or that. This is our intention, to fine tune the user experience and anticipate every probability.

Tips for an inspirational shopping site

  • Acquire quality product photographs, it will make a big difference.
  • Your products need to be well organised with categories, this makes for easy navigation.
  • Provide promotional messages, special deals and discounts can appear on the front page or the homepage slider in the header.
  • Encourage signup for your newsletter also provides sales incentives.

E-commerce & Shaopping Cart FeaturesE-Commerce features

This e-commerce website package is based on WordPress and you will have a variety of wonderful theme designs to choose from. The site is mobile friendly and its content management system will allow you to edit and create new content, products and prices, easily and quickly.
We create five content pages for you and 10 product pages, the CMS will allow you to add as many pages and products as you need. We give you up to two hours of training and in no time it’s all you will be up to standard in your website update in abilities.
We will supply all media links and icons you require, your homepage can be animated with attractive banners, we provide a site search tool and your contact page will have a contact form and a Google map so people know where you are. We provide Google analytics which keeps you informed of the number of people visiting your site, very useful, and send you monthly reports on the analysis results.
You can add unlimited products and categories and we can provide stock control options if necessary. PayPal payment Gateway is standard but we do offer bank payment gateways at extra cost. There are also various shipping calculation options like Australian Post or Fed Ex.

Your customers will have their own account logins allowing them to view invoices and tracking orders. They will also be able to view their order history and invoices.

You can highlight your product range by making them featured products new products or special offers. A shock product gallery is also available.

You are able to describe your product attributes such as sizes and colours and where you have and need to describe new attributes you have the means to do so.

Image GalleryImage Gallery

We provide you with an Image Gallery to show case your product or services portfolio. This may be customised in various ways depending on your preferences but we add up to 65 images to the gallery on you behalf and you may add as many as you want via the CMS provided. This process of updating and adding images you will find easy.

web site contentWeb Site Content

A web site plan and scope are produced after meeting to find out your requirements. At the development stage you must provide us with content for each page copy can be provided in Microsoft Word format, PDF or text file. Images you intend to will also have to be supplied. We can provide several sources of images from  image libraries should this be necessary.

Web Site hosting and email servicesWeb Site Hosting and Email

Hosting is free for the first year which includes up to 5 POP3 email accounts. You can also access your email from a browser via the Web Mail feature, from anywhere in the world with internet access. Included is Spamfighter which will prevent the majority of spam getting through.

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web site and email hosting ($250 per annum)
  • Bank Payment Gateway ($550 extra)

If you’d like to hire us, or talk over your project, please feel free to send us a mail, or fill in the form.

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