On-line Marketing Strategy

Firstly, happy New Year to everybody and may 2016 bring great prosperity and happiness to you all.

Mobile Target Audience

Mobile is today obviously a great driver of change. Adults in the range of 18 to 34 now use their phone to go online more than a PC, that means more than 50% but I believe it is more like 60% depending on who you listen to.  Believe it or not 70% of this age group will use their phones constantly from the moment they wake up until they retire night. This group of people have just been brought up with a mobile experience and it has become second nature to them and they use a mobile phone almost every interaction during the day. Something to think about especially if you haven’t got a mobile strategy in place for your web site and on line marketing plan.

An important consideration with your marketing strategy is to clearly identify your market, who are you are talking to, in other words to focus on the group or section of the market that is most relevant to your business. The question should be, who are you trying to serve? You cannot be all things to all people. Find out who you are really trying to serve and then focal all your attention just on that. This may mean capturing more of a smaller market but will be far more effective in the long run.

Marketing to your current customer base

Consider marketing to existing customers and building deep relationships with them. This really means personalisation and making great effort to provide a personal service for them over and above what would normally be expected. These are personal touches that are relevant and will delight your customers and make their day better and really show that you care, these actions will go a long way to creating a following of advocates who will willingly spread your message. This concept of marketing to your existing customers is not usual, with campaigns usually targeted on mass to a particular audience but none the less should be part of a company’s marketing strategy.

Most companies are not focused on marketing to existing customers to drive new customer growth. These existing customers can be viewed as Brand Advocates and their value should not be underestimated, small personal touches can have a domino effect with a broadening impact.

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