Effective Methods for Increasing Domain Authority

Google uses hundreds of factors to determine the ranking of a website in its search engine. One of these factors is the domain authority of a website.

This authority refers to a particular field of expertise and was developed by Moz and is a calculated metric for how well a given domain is likely to rank in Google’s search results

The authority in your field of expertise, is a good way to measure your SEO efforts as well as to compare the strength of your website compared to your competitors’ sites.

How does Moz work to calculate the domain authority?

Before going into detail and understand how the score is calculated and can be improved, it is important to differentiate the authority of a domain and authority of a page: the principle is the same but instead of measuring an entire domain or a sub-domain, it measures the ranking of a single web page.

The domain authority is scored on a scale from 1 to 100 - 1 being the lowest score and 100 the best - using an algorithm. This algorithm is made so that it is easier to improve a score of 20 or 30 that a score of 70 or 80 which is already excellent.

  • A score of 40-50 is considered medium,
  • A score of 50-60 is considered good,
  • A score above 60 is considered excellent.

This score can be checked on the Moz site by entering the URL of your domain name.
How will Moz determine the score of your domain? It uses more than 40 different factors. These here are some of the most important.

  1. Increase your domain authority with backlinks

The backlinks are placed hypertext links on the page of an “external” site pointing to a page on your site.

Moz records the backlinks from quality external websites.
The terms of incoming links, back links or backlinks are equivalent.
These unique backlinks determine your level of influence.
Winning links from different websites will boost your rankings more than many links from the same site.

  1. Increase your authority with quality content.

Web site content is one of the main search engines ranking factors.
So it makes sense that the quality of content on your website is a factor in determining your domain authority. While the domain authority can help improve the ranking of your search engine, it is also highly correlated with it.

  1. Increase your authority with social signals.

Google uses social signals as main factors to identify good quality content.
For example, if a content is shared, liked and commented on hundreds of times, is that it must be of a certain quality.
Moz uses the same social cues in determining the domain authority.

  1. Increase your authority by providing a good user experience

The use of SEO and the site structure and user friendliness directly influence the usability and quality of the navigation of a site.
The usability of a site also facilitates the task for search engines to explore them properly and index your site and improve the rankings.
This is also essential for the domain authority.

  1. And the authority of each of your pages?

Although the domain authority is essential to the understanding of how the whole site works, the authority of the pages is also helpful as it has a direct impact on the general area of authority and rank your search engine.

Here are some of ranking factors that Moz used to determine the authority of a page:

  • Social cues that the page received;
  • The number of root domains that link to the page;
  • The number of sub-domains that link to the page;
  • The number and quality of external websites that link to the page;
  • The number of external links which point the page.

Now you understand why the domain authority is important and what the ranking factors used by Moz to determine the authority of the domain of a website.

 How To Increase The Domain Authority Of Your Site

Now that you’ve read on the authority of a website, you understand why the domain authority is important and what the ranking factors used by Moz to determine the authority of a website domain.

Let’s examine how to increase your domain authority score because it is a first step in your digital strategy of acquiring customers; Here are some good practices.

  1. The choice of domain name

In terms of SEO, it may be wise to choose a domain name related to the Company’s activities for visitors to remember it more easily.
The domain name should be easy to remember in order to facilitate access. It is also possible to buy an old one.

Also make sure it is not going to expire soon renewing for at least three to five years.

  1. Optimizing the content of each page

The SEO optimization is to optimize the entire code of a page, including title tags, subtitles, images, alt-tags and content itself.

Using style effect - bold, italic and underlined - improves the readability of content.

It is sensible to maintain and work on your keywords, keywords variants, permalinks and make the analysis regularly.

  1. Acquire external links

In order to earn high quality links and increase your scores mozRank and mozTrust, you need to create quality content that will be published and relayed.

To acquire links Authoritative   your content must be relevant, educational, informational, creative and consistent with your brand and your audience.

Ease in sharing with share buttons to social networks to help increase your exposure.

  1. Improve your structure with internal links

Internal links make navigation visitors and help them find what they are looking for.
They are important for easier navigation and help promote your own content.

In addition, these internal links make it easier indexing your entire site through search engines.

  1. Remove the toxic links

Regularly you can go through your link profile and search all the toxic links.
You must remove them because they could end up harming your domain authority instead of help.

You should also remove all links throughout your website that lead to bad sites or broken links   will have a negative impact on your SEO and your authority.

There are tools to facilitate this work.

  1. A responsive website

Many users access the web via mobile devices.
If your site has not been optimised for mobile use, you are delaying.

Not only will it penalise you at your rankings in the search engines, but you will lose a lot of visitors who leave your site without lingering.
A responsive site allows adjustment in display, as well as on smartphone tablet.

To check if your site is responsive, you can visit the Mobile-Friendly Test in Google Developers page; it will analyse your web page and show you how your site appears on different devices.

  1. Become an authority in your industry

This is a real ambition that can be achieved by creating high quality content and engaging meaningfully and transparently with partners, prospects and customers on social media.

By increasing your reputation, you strengthen your brand identity, which will not only increase traffic, but also increase the number of external links good.

Another way to increase your authority is writing blog posts on your site and other websites relevant to your industry.

  1. Increase the loading speed of your web pages

Improper loading speed can have a negative effect on your bounce rate.
Most users have little patience and do not expect a page takes too long to load.

You can also check your website loading speed with the Page Speed tool offered by Google Developers.
Not only will analyze the speed of your site, but it will identify some recipes to improve the speed of your site and improve the user experience.

  1. Promote your content via social media

This is because social signals are an important factor of success in your ranking, you need to promote your content on social media to get these signals.
If not, your content will simply stay on your site and only feed itself.

You will need to post links to your content on your various social media pages and make sure you encourage the faithful to love, share, or comment on this content.
You should also include your sharing buttons directly on your web pages.

When more people share your blog on social media, this is a clear sign that your content is read and enjoyed.


The domain authority is important. It allows you to judge the overall performance of your website.
It also allows you to compare your score to that of competitor sites to see where you stand.

By being able to identify the authority area to other sites, you can also identify other sites that link your content and sites that are authoritative in your industry and with whom it is worthwhile to establish a relationship.
This can help boost a sector as a whole!