Email Settings

Incoming and Outgoing server settings

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All email software and devices including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird connect to our email servers using the exact same settings. This article is for users who are familiar with how to use their email software, and simply want to know what settings they should use to connect to our servers.

SettingMore informationExample
UsernameWhere asked for the username, users must enter their complete email address
PasswordWhere asked for their password, users must enter the password they selected when creating the email account on our servers. ********
Incoming Mail ServerPOP & IMAP: or your cPanel server (eg.
Incoming Server PortOur email servers use all the default incoming server port numbers.POP:
Non SSL= 110
SSL =  995

Non SSL= 143
SSL = 993

Outgoing Mail ServerSMTP: or your cPanel server (eg.
Outgoing Server PortMost Internet Service Providers (ISP) block port 25 for their own outgoing emails.
We recommend using port 587 or if connecting via SSL, 465
Non SSL = 587
SSL = 465
Authentication TypeUsers must use password authentication to send or receive emails from our servers.Password